What Does a Vegan Pizza Crust Contain?

vegan pizza crust.

Vegan pizza crust is surprisingly amazing. It’s not entirely wrong to say that pizza is one of the best, delicious, and versatile meals globally. Whether you’re a fan of vegetarian, meaty, gluten-free, or plain pizza, there’s something for everyone. However, many people still assume that you can’t derive the same pleasure you get when eating meaty pizza from eating vegan pizza.

This assertion is wrong and misplaced. At Greenville’s Pizza Artista, we see people derive as much pleasure eating vegan pizza as anyone eating a mozzarella cheese pizza would. If you switch mozzarella for vegan cheese or choose to do away with cheese totally, you will still get a savory meal.

This is because you still have a wide range of toppings to make the pizza palatable. If you’re worried about the pizza crust not being vegan enough, you don’t have to. Most pizza crusts are vegan from scratch, so you only need to watch what you put on it. This article describes what a vegan pizza crust contains.

What Is in a Vegan Pizza Crust? 

A crust is the foundation of every pizza; thus, you need to get it right, or it won’t turn out well. If mixed rightly, a pizza crust is crisp and chewy and has the right amount of flavor to complement the toppings. For any pizza crust, the maker uses four to six ingredients.

They include flour, salt, yeast, water, sugar, and oil. These ingredients are compatible with a standard vegan diet. If you want to make a homemade pizza crust, you can get the ingredients in a grocery store or supermarket.

If you’re looking to make a vegan pizza crust from scratch, let’s look at some of the ingredients.


It is the base of a pizza crust, and all-purpose or white flour is the most commonly used in making vegan pizza crust. It’s what produces the flavorful, crispy crust that pizza lovers cherish. If you are looking for something more healthy and with fewer calories, you can opt for alternatives to grain flour like rice flour, cauliflower flour, or seed flour. Note that the texture and consistency of the dough change based on the flour type you use.


Without yeast, your pizza dough would be flat; yeast makes it rise. You need to use it if you’re looking to make a deep-crust pizza. The more yeast you use, the fluffier the pizza dough. Dissolve the yeast in warm water before adding it to the dough mixture.

We should point out that there’s a debate in the vegan community about whether yeast is consumable for vegans. The consensus is that since it is a fungus — similar to mushroom — it is safe for vegans to consume. But if you don’t feel good about it or are sensitive to yeast, go for a yeast-free vegan crust.


Depending on your taste, you can include sugar. But keep in mind that it is optional. It helps to activate the yeast and make it rise faster.

What Else Can You Add to a Vegan Crust? 

Aside from the above ingredients, a vegan pizza crust can have herbs, spices, or seasoning. Doing this gives it the personality you want. Just know that the options are limitless, and you can include as many things as you desire.

Note that some pre-made pizza crusts and crust mixes use ingredients that mimic the flavor and texture of real pizza. Thus, if you’re buying a pizza crust mix from a store, carefully check the ingredients to ensure they do not contain any dairy products or derivatives. It should also be free from anything that might trigger an allergy.

Where Can You Get Vegan Pizza Crust?

The appreciation of the vegan diet by many people did not only improve health and environmental consciousness. It led to the birth of large pizza chains and small pizzerias offering vegan pizza crust. At Pizza Artista, we offer the best vegan pizza crust in the whole of Greenville, SC.

As already mentioned, you can also get crusts and crust mixes from a local store. If making yours at home, avoid making several substitutes for the ingredients mentioned above. Too many adjustments will make the crust lose the pizza crust taste you know and love.

Get the Best Vegan Pizza at Pizza Artista!

If you’re looking for the best vegan pizza in Greenville, SC, then Pizza Artista is the place to go. We do not only offer vegan pizzas; we also offer vegetarian and gluten-free pizza. Don’t get left out; give us a call today to place an order.


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